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Need to ensure the Children and staff are safe within the school, whilst still enabling everyone to exit in an emergency? 

Want Parents/deliveries to be able to call through to reception, without entering the premises, until it is safe to do so? 

Looking for a locking master-suite system that will allow everyone to do their job, entering areas required to do this, without being able to access all areas?


All these things are possible, the choices are almost limitless.

Armoury can help with all this and more & many systems can be integrated with each other.

Intruder and fire detection systems are capable of calling the police and fire brigade, as required.  They can also release certain doors, to ensure everyone is able to exit in an emergency & closing other doors to ensure good compartmentation to control the spread of fire.

CCTV can aide both staff and children keep safe within the school and once the premises is shut down, can aide the intruder detection, if required.

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