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Agricultural Customer:

Looking at ways to protect your machinery?

Want to ensure you are aware of intruders in barns or outbuildings?

Looking of a way of locking external gates securely? 

Want to keep insurance premiums to a minimum?

Armoury are here to help you with all of this.

You want a way of checking your machinery, even when you are away from site?  CCTV can be fitted and recorded.  We can set this up on a smartphone or tablet for you to view at any time & be alerted if someone is in the building or yard.  CCTV can be set up in conjunction with an intruder alarm system, this alarm can alert you and the police.

We can install lights to keep people from inadvertently entering your property.

Locking systems can be fitted to gates, padlocks, houses and yards.  High security that will help keep your assets safe.

On farmland, gates & entrances are often a long way from the house or yard.  Access control / Entry systems can allow you to control who comes in.  The gate can be fitted with a keypad or fob system, so authorised persons can access entry, but others would need to be granted access remotely.  This can be done via audio only or audio and video, the choice is yours.

Call Armoury for a free quotation.

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