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Commercial Customers:

Looking at ways of keeping staff protected? 

Want to ensure your assets and stock are safe?

Want to find ways of keeping the business running, without disruption of trading? 

Want to Keep insurance premiums down?


We can help you achieve all this.


We can help ensure your staff are able to get assistance during working hours, this includes loan workers.  An alarm system that is able to call mobiles or police.  Alarm systems that can be integrated with systems mentioned below.

Our fire detection systems can alert all staff to evacuate the building, whilst it can also communicate the fire department.  Fire Extinguishers can also aide staff to exit the building safely – but please leave the fire-fighting to the experts.

Mastersuite locking systems can be installed – to ensure the correct staff can enter the parts of the building they require, whilst keeping them safe from other parts they should not enter.

We can help keep assets and goods safe – this can be in a small safe or a safe room.

Emergency lighting can also help your business, in the event of a fire, allowing staff to exit to the muster point safely.

Security lighting can help with both unwanted persons being detected and lighting outside for deliveries or a yard with workers.

Whatever your needs may be, Armoury are here to help fulfil your requirements.

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