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Domestic Customers:

Looking for peace of mind in your home? 

Want to keep your family safe, whilst sleeping? 

Working away from home, looking for security options in your absence?  Want to secure your garage/shed/outbuilding?

We can help with all the above and more…

We can secure your home whilst you are asleep or away – keeping your most important people and possessions safe and protected.  Intruder alarms are capable of contacting family/friends and police.

We can add CCTV so you can check-in on your home from anywhere in the world, see your pets or just see if you have left something on the dining room table!

A step further – adding security lighting – keeping intruders away and lighting up anyone from doing things they shouldn’t.

We can add all this to the shed or garage (or both), the options are endless.

Don’t forget to add smoke/heat sensors too – once asleep, you will want to ensure you wake in the event of a fire.  You will also want to ensure you can see your way out for the fire/smoke, with emergency lighting, these are more common in homes now and are more aesthetically pleasing, they don’t have to look industrial, unless you want them too, of course. 

We can also provide you with fire extinguishers – this is purely to aide you existing the building safely – please leave the fire-fighting to the experts.

Once the inside of the home is protected, you will want to think about the perimeter and outside.  We can help with replacing locks on your doors, windows and gates.  Keeping unwanted visitors away. 

So, whatever you are looking for, we can help.  YOU tell us what you WANT and we can help you achieve it.

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