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1.  ORDERS: All orders for work must be with a written order, emailed or posted.  If you require order numbers on your invoices, please make sure this is sent with the email/mail.  Invoices will be sent to the address we have, if you require sending to an alternative address, please ensure this is on the order.


2.  QUERIES: If you have any issues with any invoices sent, these must be brought to our attention in writing (mail, fax or email) within 14 days of the invoice date.


3.  CERTIFICATES: If you have an exemption certificate for regeneration (5% VAT or Zero Rated), this must be claimed by you.  We will issue an invoice with the 20%, which will be payable within our standard terms.  It is up to you to send the relevant certificate with the invoice to HMRC to claim back the due amount.


4.   TERMS: Our terms are strictly 14 days from the date of the invoice.  Following the 14 days, we reserve the right to charge costs incurred recovering the owed amount, on top of the outstanding amount.  This is printed on all invoices.  Details for all ways of payment are also on all invoices.  This over-rides any terms you may have, our works are done on our terms and not that of any other supplier/contractor.


5.  ACCOUNT: If your account goes into arrears at any time, we reserve the right to close the account.  If your account remains in arrears for 2 months, we reserve the right to pass your details on to a debt collection agency.  They will recover our monies & may charge you for their time.


7.   CANCELLATION:  If you need to cancel a job, please ensure that we have over 24hrs notice.  We reserve the right to charge the first hour labour if we do not receive this.


8.  ACCEPTANCE:  The person signing the acceptance must be authorised to pay invoices & accept terms in which the invoices should be paid.  By signing the acceptance, this person is signing to agree these terms.  If it is on behalf of a company, they must be authorised to do so.

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